Slant Bed CNC Machines

You Ji Machine Industrial Company

30+ Years of Experience in Building Reliable Machine Tools

  o 2010 Among the top ten machine tool companies in Taiwan  o Annual revenue: 120 million USD  o Number of employees: 323


Available Options For Automation


Precision Spindle Delivers High Rigidity for Heavy Cutting

Main spindles in YH-series boast double row roller bearings and angular contact ball bearings to maximize contact between surfaces. This guarantees high spindle rigidity and superior surface finish even under heavy axial and radial loads.The one-piece spindle casting is heavily ribbed to reduce thermal distortion and minimize vibration.The spindle transmission uses a V-belt to minimize slip and heat distortion. This design delivers excellent precision, even during heavy cuts.The sleeve-type spindle structure simplifies maintenance.

Torque Chart



Box ways on X, Y & Z

Box ways on the X & Z-axes provide the rigidity for both heavy cuts and interrupted cuts.AC servo-motors drive X & Z-axes ball screws for fast acceleration/deceleration rates and maximum thrust.Pre-tensioned ballscrews reduce thermal deformation and enhance machining accuracy.

Optional Accessories

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