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GTV  Series

GTV-27 and GTV-42


With a positional accuracy of 0.00005″ (50 millionths of an inch) and rapid traverse rate of 787 ipm, GTV is a gang tool lathe that delivers both speed and accuracy.
The GTV is also exceptionally versatile being able to handle parts up to 1.654″ in diameter through the spindle. Hard turning is a standard feature and milling, drilling and grinding can be achieved with live tools and other optional attachments.


Machine Features

Blistering Speed

GTV doesn’t get bogged down

At 787 inches per minute rapids on the X and Z axes, GTV minimizes non-cutting time. Taking advantage of GTV’s gang tool layout, tool changes can happen faster than turret-based lathes. Also, the spindle can accelerate from 0 to the 6000 RPM top speed in 0.5 seconds*. When performing simultaneous X, Z, and C axes movements, the C-axis is able to maintain an extraordinary 500 RPM.

All this speed results in short cycle times that translate directly into money in your pocket.

*with Fagor control

Vertical design

A vertical design leads to cleaner and easier parts production

GTV’s unique vertical plate design offers numerous benefits. First, metal chips and coolant drop directly downward, away from the cutting tools allowing faster and more efficient parts production and improved cooling efficiency.

By laying out the X-axis vertically, the depth of the machine is greatly reduced. Despite being so compact, the wide open design actually significantly improves visibility and ergonomics. The operator has easy reach for tool setups and parts handling.

Cubic has in-house mechanical and tooling engineers to take advantage of this versatile gang tool platform on GTV so complete solutions can be created for customer’s machining requirements.

Control Systems

Reliable and easy to use

Both FANUC 0i-TF and FAGOR 8055iTB controls are available on GTV. FANUC is a technological leader with unsurpassed reliability and technical support. Cubic has worked with FANUC to tune the servo and spindle motors to deliver fast C-axis response rate as well as fast spindle and linear axis acceleration.
GTV is also available with FAGOR 8055iTB control. FAGOR control not only has the standard G-code programming mode it also has conversational programming where user can create part programs using visual prompts and tool path can be simulated on screen before actual cutting.
With either control, Cubic has in-house PMC specialists and machatronic engineers to integrate other automation components into the control as well as the ability to create new user interfaces tailored to user’s machining requirements.

Gang-Tool Advantage

Both faster and more accurate

Gang-tool setups benefit from higher rigidity and positional accuracy than turret based solutions as well as faster tool changes.

Beyond the standard tool package, Cubic offers 3/8” and 1/2” center height tooling systems as well as air and electric live tools with speeds up to 60,000 RPM. Cubic has built many successful custom solutions based on GTV’s gang-tool foundation.

Work Holding

Wide range from 5C to 3-Jaw chuck

Cubic offers collet spindle noses in the widely available 5C and 16C configurations for high accuracy chucking. Also available is dead-length B42 (DIN6343 173E-type) collet chuck. The dead-length design has zero z-axis movement and eliminates workpiece pull-back when the collet is closed. Besides collets, to run GTV as chucker, A2-4 or A2-5 3-jaw or 4-jaw chucks can also be used.

The GTV’s hydraulically actuated chuck has stronger gripping force than air chucking allowing for heavier cuts.