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Vertical Machining Center

with Automatic Pallet Changer

  • Automatic pallet changer
  • Three axes rapid traverse 48/48/48    m/min
  • High speed tool change (tool to tool)
  • Rigid Tapping
  • Spindle tapper BT#30, BT#40
  • Direct-spindle drive


Machine Features

Perfect structure design!

High speed without vibration!

Control panel user-friendly operational control

The control panel design meets human engineering theorem and CE regulations, and is easy to operate.

A separated control panel is provided between working area and magazine operation area for added convenience of operation.

Efficient Magazine

Standard loading capacity of the magazine is 24 tools. For BT#30 tool shank, the loading capacity is 20 tools. The use of hydraulic tool releasing system features high stability. Tool change is quickly accomplished with smooth tool change motion.

Precise, fast pallet change

The high precision pallet change is achieved through a 3-piece coupling positioning mechanism.

The pallet change is fully electric driven combined with cam indexing. Pallet change is quickly accomplished in only 4 seconds with maximum stability.

The machine is provided with rotary cylinder. Each working area can be equipped with one set of air system (hydraulic system optional) for mounting jig.

Standard fully-sealed electric cabinet

In compliance with CE standards, the electric cabinet is equipped with rubber fitting around the opening such design ensures consistent conditions within the electric cabinet so the extend lifetime of the electric components.