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7 Axis Swiss type CNC Automatic Lathe

  • ‍Simultaneous Front and Back Machining
  • Integral Motor Servo Guide Bushing
  • 20 mm Bar Capacity Swiss Turn
  • Convertible to Chucker Mode in Minutes


21 Tool capacity

Nine tools for OD, four tools for face ID working and eight tools for back ID working makes it possible to complete a wide variety of tooling jobs all at once.

Tool layout

Standard machine tool post layout.

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Built-in Main and Back Spindle Motors increases tooling accuracy 

Increased accuracy of speed and phase angle while both spindles synchronize


Higher precision

Reduced tooling idle time

  1. Double control system, programs can be specified at main and back spindle side separately, and they are read and processed at the same time.
  2. With X2 axis and independent back tool post, simultaneous tooling at main and back spindle side can be done.
  3. High-speed cycle tooling
  4. M and T codes, axis feed can be specified at the same single block.

Friendly, easy operation

SG-20 Specification