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7 Axis Swiss-type CNC  Lathe

  • Simultaneous front/back machining 
  • ‍Built-in motor rotary guide bushing
  • 20mm bar capacity
  • Convertible to chucker mode in minutes
  • FANUC control


Machine Features

Simultaneous front/back machining

Perform highly complex front/back simultaneous machining with dedicated back tool post and X2, Z2 axis on the back spindle. In combination with the rapid feed rate, SG-20 has substantially cut cycle times. No wonder SG-20 is acclaimed by customers as a highly rigid, reliable and versatile machine. 

21 Tool capacity

9 tools for OD

4 tools for face ID 

8 tools for back ID 

SG-20 makes it possible to complete a wide variety of tooling jobs at one time. 

Built-in motors are extremely compact and achieve maximum rigidity, a requirement for achieving maximum speeds and exact concentricity.

Built-in motor spindle on front and back spindles

They have high power up to high speed and maintain high precision and low vibration all in one simple mechanical structure. 

Built-in main and back spindle motors increase tooling accuracy.

Built-in motor rotary guide bushing

Servo rotary guide bushing enables high-speed and accurate machining.

Higher precision

Reduced tooling idle time

Maximum high-speed control, reducing idle time.

Convert to chucker mode in minutes

With the increase in material cost in recent years, it’s great that SG-20 has chucker mode to reduce waste. In chucker mode, the machine doesn’t require the space between the guide bushing and the collet so there is less bar remnant. Chucker mode does not require the use of ground bar stocks, so it is suitable for cold-drawn bar machining.  In addition, the powerful chucking force enables heavy cutting, minimizes roughness and improves roundness. The user can choose between guide bushing mode or chucker mode according to the length of the part to be produced and be able to convert to chucker mode in minutes.

Direct C-axis indexing

Unlike conventional machines, direct C-axis indexing enables deceleration to the chosen index position directly, without the need to home return,  reducing spindle indexing time.

Tool layout

Standard machine tool post layout.

SG-20 Specification