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Tungsten Carbide Ring ID Grinder

Ring Grinder v1_2-DV NTSC

B-Axis Rotary table for workpiece spindle can rotate ±45°

The heart of the ID grinder design presents an array of grinding spindles each featuring a different grit of grinding wheel working in conjunction with the main spindle which has B-axis rotary table capability.

FANUC Control

FANUC control was chosen for customer familiarity and its industry leading reliability. Cubic Machinery also has extensive experience integrating with other controllers.

Super High Precision – Diaphragm Chuck

Diaphragm chuck manufactured by Northfield
Radial runout: 0.000020 inch
Axial runout: 0.000010 inch
No metal-to-metal moving parts

Multiple Grinding Spindles for Different Grits of Diamond Wheels

In this case the machine was equipped with 3 grinding heads. The machine can be extended to up to 6 grinding heads.

Paper Filer

Paper filter was used to separate fine grinding dust from the coolant stream.

Air Dryer Filter

Air dryer and air filter units are included to maintain clean air flow for proper operation of the diaphragm chuck.