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SD-12 | SD -16 | SD-20

SD-12 /SD-16 / SD-20


Join the Swiss turn revolution. With so many new features in SD series, it has never been easier to own and run a CNC Swiss lathe and take advantage of the power to machine parts unattended in one setup.


Machine Features

Mitsubishi built-in AC spindle motors on both main and back spindles

High precision built-in motor spindles from Mitsubishi deliver 10,000 rpm high speed and high torque throughout rpm range. The motor is an integral part of the spindle shaft and housing assembly. This allows spindle to rotate at higher speeds as a complete unit. The recently developed AC synchronous motor spindle offers higher efficiency, lower heat and higher torque.

Available in 12, 16 or 20 mm bar capacity

SD series covers different bar diameter sizes to match customer needs. SD-12, SD-16 and SD-20 offer 12, 16 and 20 mm bar capacities, respectively.

Modular “Combo” toolpost for backworking

The 4-station backworking toolpost is a modular setup that can hold either driven, or fixed tools or a mixture of both. It presents the user with more setup flexibility from one job to another.

C-axis on both main and back spindles

The SD-series is fully capable of milling, drilling and engraving with live tools. It comes with 0.1 degree C-axis as standard on both turning spindles. The full, continuous C-axis can interpolate with other linear axes simultaneously for helical and other complex tool motion.

Hydraulic disc braking on both main and back spindles for extra stability

Hydraulic disc braking is a standard on both main and back spindles. This feature can turn the spindle into an highly rigid indexer. There is also an option for two-stage hydraulic braking system that can stabilize the spindle without it being completely clamped to a stop.

Mitsubishi M70 2-channel CNC control

The new and improved Mitsubishi M70 CNC control is a 2 channel control that allows 2 independent toolpaths and provides machining on main and back spindles simultaneously. New high resolution LCD display and faster processing speed further increase user productivity.

Tooling Layout

Convertible to Chucker in Minutes

With the rough material chucking option, a user can easily convert SD series to run without the guide bushing. For parts with less overhang (machining length less than 3 times the bar diameter ), the rough material chucking option allows the main spindle to extend into the cutting area.

This added capability lowers running costs by

1.leaving a shorter bar remnant and

2.allowing the use of less expensive non-ground bar stock (as much  as 0.1mm bar tolerance).

Changing from one configuration to another only takes minutes, allowing the user to choose to run the machine either with or without guide bushing as the needs change.

Standard Accessories

Optional Features