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Maestro 42DY | 52DY | 60DY

Maestro 60DY

Maestro 52DY

Maestro 42DY

Double Spindle
Turret+Gang Tool
Multi-tasking Turning Center


Machine Features

Front Machining

Back Machining  

Key Features

A. Boxways on all axes are oversized and precision ground to a near mirror finish for smooth, fast precision movements providing dynamic rigidity & heavy-duty cutting ability.

B. The main turret has 12 stations. With multi—tool holders up to 24 tools can be equipped. Driven tools at all 12 stations are possible.

C. Heavy-duty precision spindle design for enhanced thermal stability and power.

D. Y2-Axis gang tool slide 14 tools: 3 Cross, 3 Face live tools, 3 OD & 5 ID tools for complex back machining & superimposed cutting that reduces cycle times. The slide is on precision linear guides for fast & accurate machining.

E. Meehanite cast material is used and stress relieved to provide the best possible rigidity and vibration dampening base for machining parts with excellent surface finishes.

F. Y1-Axis travel +/-35mm is supported by two slides, distributing the machining force evenly to ensure accuracy and rigidity.

G. 45 degree wedge design for fast chip flow and removal from the machining area for a thermally stable work platform.

H. Z-axis is equipped with precision high-rigidity 32mm ball screws & all other axes use 28mm ball screws to ensure fast feed rates and extended long-term durability for trouble free machining.

Sauter VDI 30 I BMT 45-12 Stations Main Turret  

The main turret has 12 stations, but with mu|ti—too| holders up to 24 tools are possible. Fanuc Alpha 2 motors provide driven tools up to 6000rpm with high power and speed. Bidirectional turret indexing allows the shortest path to the next tool for faster cycle times. A 20 bar high pressure coolant system provides fast chip removal and longer tool life.  

Gang Tool Slide & Driven Tools  

The Y2 gang tool slide with a total of 14 tools can shorten machining times while also allowing for unparalleled back machining of complex workpieces. Cycle times can also be significantly reduced with superimposed cutting. High power and torque Fanuc Alpha 8 6000rpm servo motors can power through the most demanding parts.  

Sauter VDI 30 I BMT 45 Turret (Y1-Axis)

Standard Accessories:

Optional Accessories: