Horizontal Machining Centers


Compact Horizontal Machining Center

Moves fast, cuts fast.1889 IPM rapids, 10,000 RPM spindle.


Coolant Jets Around Spindle

With the use of coolant jets around spindle, heat generated during cutting can be removed effectively.

Coolant Through Spindle Device (Optional)

For upgrading deep hole drilling and boring capacity, an optional coolant through spindle device is recommended.With the use of the coolant through spindle device, chip in the deep hole can be fast evacuated and hence increasing the machining accuracy and reducing considerable machining time.Self-locking Rotary Table

Exclusively designed self-locking by spring.Unlocked by pneumatic power for low-energy consumption. No table loosening due to a failure of hydraulic pressure.

Rotary Type Automatic Pallet Change

180° bi-directional rotary type automatic pallet change with maximum stability and dependability as well as low noise.

Roller Type Linear Ways on 3 Axes

Heavy duty roller type linear ways on X, Y, Z-axis , featuring high rigidity, low coefficient of friction and superior vibration dampening which results in improved surface finishes and accuracies.

The Simplest Tool Changer

The exclusively designed tool changer speeds up tool change cycle and minimizes the possibility of trouble during tool change.Powerful, Accurate Table Clamping

Main stress only exerts on the internal and external cone surfaces instead on the casting part thus no deformation on the casting part will occur year after year.

0.001° Rotary Table (B-axis)

The rotary table is driven by a servo motor and provides 0.001° indexing unit, allowing 4 axes simultaneous control for machining complex work pieces.


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