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CNC Double Column Machining Center in stock in Chino, CA, USA.

Overall Machine Construction Castings

The machine base, columns, cross beam, worktable, slide ways, head and all cast parts are of top grade Meehanite Cast Iron and subjected to annealing, to prevent internal stress and deformation.

Z Axis

The machine base, columns, cross beam, worktable, slide ways, head and all cast parts are of top grade Meehanite Cast Iron and subjected to annealing, to prevent internal stress and deformation.

ZF Gearbox

The multi-speed spindle adopts a top quality German-built ZF helical planetary gearbox. Fully sealed immersion type lubrication, with an oil-chiller, keeps the machine running cool. The ZF gearbox provides high efficiency with high torque, low noise, and long service life.

Heavy Preload Spindle

high precision taper roller bearings allowing for all types of heavy-duty cutting without vibration. Tested and adjusted for dynamic balancing, the spindle incorporates a forced circulatory oil chiller to minimize temperature rise and ensure the long term accuracy and service life. An external high capacity coolant system further protects against thermal deformation during heavy cutting at high speeds.

Cutting Capacity

Material Drilling Tapping Face Milling
ADC aluminum alloy Ø1 1/16" at 0.012 ipr 1" at 12 TPI 53Occ=Ø63 x 5 x 2,000
GC30 gray iron Ø1 1/16" at 0.008 ipr 3/4" at 12 TPI 22Scc=Ø5O x 25 x 1,800
S45C Steel Ø1 1/16" at 0.005 ipr 3/4" at 12 TPI 188cc=Ø5O x 2.5 x 1,500

High Rigidity Spindle Nose

Spindle nose to Z-axis slide way distance is less than 300mm, providing an excellent design for increased rigidity.

Wide Span Ladder Type Cross slide

Ultra wide ladder type cross beam with dual LM linear guide ways are designed to handle increased inertia. This design ensures rigidity and stability of the spindle and prevents tilting, particularly during heavy duty cutting.

Heavy Load LM Linear Guides

Both X and Y-axes are equipped with high precision heavy duty LM guide ways. This design makes for more accurate movement and easier precision control during machining mid sized to large work pieces.

Super Strong Structure

Both the table and base of the machine efficiently distribute heavy loads via A type structural design. The column is cross-rib reinforced to minimize the deformation during high torque conditions. All the major castings are of rational design and of superior grade Meehanite to guarantee rigidity, precision, and long term service life.


Precision scraped Turcites coated on slideways and lubricant pressure fed at a volumetric ratio provide an uniform film of lubricant on all contact surfaces which eliminates both drifting at high speed traverse and slow acceleration during machining.


All three axes employ high precision ball screws and servomotors with a direct drive transmission, and each ball screw with a dual pretension nut system and preloaded support at both ends for superior rigidity.

Ergonomic Operator Control Panel

The Fanuc 0iMB, 8.4” Color Screen control panel is ergonomically positioned, so the operators get the most advantageous viewpoint during operation.

Oil Chiller

The spindle and ball screws at all three axes are cooled by an oil chiller, preventing heat deformation, extending the life of spindle bearings and guaranteeing accuracy at each axis.


  TRAVEL  Longitudinal Travel (X)  3200 mm 126 in
 Cross Travel (Y)  2000 mm 78.7 in
 Head Stock Travel(Z)  900 mm 35.4 in
 Distance between columns  2070 mm 81.5 in
 Spindle Nose to Table  40-940 mm 1.57 ~ 37 in
  TABLE  Length x Width  3200×1650 mm 126 x 65 in
 T-Slots Size W.x NO.xPitch  22 mmx9 mmx170 mm
 Max Table Load (Center)  8000 kg 17630 lbs
  SPINDLE  Spindle Speed  30~4500 rpm

 Spindle type  BT 50
  MOTORS  Spindle Motor  18.5 / 22 KW 25 HP / 30 HP
 X-axis  4+Reducer KW 5 HP + Reducer
 Y-axis  7 KW 10 HP
 Z-axis  7 KW 10 HP
  CONTROL  Fanuc  Oi-MD Package A
  TOOLING  Max Tool length  Ø125xl350 Ø4.9 x 53 in
 Max Tool Weight  18 kg 40 lbs
 Tool selection  Bi-Directional
 ATC  32-60 Tools
  ACCURACY  Positioning X, Y, Z  ±0.005/300 mm ±0.00020 in over 11.8 in
 Repeatability X, Y, Z  ±0.005/300 mm ±0.00020 in over 11.8 in
  GENERAL  Machine Dimensions  8452x4330x4518 mm 332 x 170 x 177 in
 Net Weight  37370 kg 82390 lbs
  FEED RATE  Rapid Traverse (X/Y/Z  10/12/12 m/min 393 / 472 / 472 ipm
 Cutting Feed rate  1~10,000 mm/min 0.040~393 ipm