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With a positional accuracy of 0.00005″ (50 millionths of an inch) and rapid traverse rate of 787 ipm, GTV is a gang tool lathe that delivers both speed and accuracy.

The GTV is also exceptionally versatile being able to handle parts up to 1.654″ in diameter through the spindle. Hard turning is a standard feature and milling, drilling and grinding can be achieved with live tools and other optional attachments.

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Extreme Accuracy

The GTV maintains a 0.00005” (50 millionths of an inch) positional accuracy even when the slides are moving at their maximum speed. The GTV’s rigid construction ensures this accuracy throughout the machine’s lifetime.

Blazing Speed

The X and Z axes move at 787 inches per minute during rapids. The spindle accelerates from 0 to 6000 RPM in just 0.5 seconds. The GTV wastes no time getting into the cut.

Vertical design

The GTV’s unique vertical plate design ensures that metal chips and coolant quickly flow away from the tooling for faster parts production. This design also improves ergonomics giving the operator better visibility and easy access for parts handling.

Specifications at a glance

Positional Accuracy 0.00005″
Axes Rapid Travel 787 ipm
Spindle Motor 7.5 HP / 5 HP
Spindle Speed 60 ~ 6,000 rpm
Max Bar Capacity 1.06″ or 1.65″
Chuck Size 5.3″ or 6″
X Axis Travel 11.8″
Z Axis Travel 7″