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Robot Integration



Cubic Machinery has announced they now offer robotic integration services. The Southern California company, who has been selling their CNC machines for over 25 years, now offers more ways than ever for local manufacturers and job shops to increase their productivity.

Machining tending with FANUC robot and vision system

Vision system (FANUC robot)

With the use of coolant jets around spindle, heat generated during cutting can be removed effectively.

Teach pendant (FANUC robot)

For upgrading deep hole drilling and boring capacity, an optional coolant through spindle device is recommended.With the use of the coolant through spindle device, chip in the deep hole can be fast evacuated and hence increasing the machining accuracy and reducing considerable machining time.

FANUC Authorized Integrator

FANUC certified robot integrator. We can install robot for all our machines.

Visit our CUBIC AUTOMATION website to find out more about Robot Integration.

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