A New Standard of Tapping Center


High Acceleration

high Based on advanced design concepts, Cubic introduces a new generation of CNC tapping centers. Each machine exhibits the efficiency and accuracy you’ve come to expect.

Machine Structure

TR-45E-inside The structural parts of the machine are manufactured from high quality Meehanite cast iron, rib reinforced and stress relieved to assure the machine remains deformation-free year after year. Servo motors directly drive ballscrews, providing high positioning accuracy without backlash.



Chip Auger

A chip auger is mounted at the center of the base, delivering chips to the chip cart located at the backside of machine. The chip auger frees operator from manually removing and chips while maintaining a clean interior of machine at all times.

X, Y-axis Telescopic Guard

The telescopic guards on X, Y-axis prevent chips from coolant from damaging linear ways.

Linear Ways on 3 Axes

The X, Y, Z-axis slideways are mounted with precision linear guide ways, combined with great span between guides, exhibiting maximum stability during high speed traverse. The ball type linear ways feature low friction coefficient and high positioning accuracy. The three axes are driven by Fanuc-logo digital AC servo motors with fast acceleration and deceleration.

Z-axis Telescopic Guard

To meet the high speed traverse of Z-axis, the guard is a combination of canvas and steel plates. It provides superior protection for linear ways and extends their service life.


Automatic tool changer

  • #30 Armless Type Magazine
  • 12 tools
Tool change time

1.8 sec.

(Tool to Tool)


21 Tool Servo ATC (optional)


High Precision Spindle

  • #30 Taper
  • Direct Drive
Spindle Speed

8,000 min-1

NBT with two sides binding

Control Specifications

control-1-b286be95 control-2-73406680

Quality Control

The positioning accuracy is inspected by using agilent-logolaserinterferometer unit. Positioning accuracy in full travel is less than 0.010m
Diameter Ø100 mm, F=3000 mm/min, circularity 0.010 mm. Heldenhain-logogrid encoder is used to ensure dynamic contouring accuracy.

Optional Equipment


Movable, large capacity coolant tank

  • Equipped with castors for pulling the coolant tank out from the machine. This permits convenient and fast cleaning of tank inside.
  • The large capacity coolant tank is equipped with filter screen to filter coolant impurity.

CNC rotary table (4th or 5th axis)

The use of motor with absolute encoder on tilting shaft is recomended.

5C indexer


Tool length measurement and breakage detection


Transformer and Spindle oil chiller



Standard Accessories

  • Spindle air blow device
  • Work light (PL light)
  • Tool cooling system and coolant tank
  • Leveling bolts and pads
  • Double-door type heat insulated electrical cabinet with heat exchanger
  • Screw-type chip conveyor
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Tool kit and tool box
  • Dual-color LED alarm light
  • TFT LCD monitor

Optional Accessories

  • Armless 21-tool ATC
  • Spindle motor 15,000 rpm
  • High pressure coolant through spindle (20 bar)
  • Automatic tool length measurement with
  • breakage detection
  • Automatic door
  • Transformer
  • Workpiece air blow system
  • 5C indexer
  • 4th axis
  • 5th axis