Knock Down Non-Cutting Time

  • Rapid traverse up to 1,890 ipm
  • Acceleration rates (X/Y/Z): 1.0/1.0/.8G
  • Linear roller guide on 3 axes
  • 180 degree pallet change in 5 seconds
  • Tool-to-tool change in 1.5 seconds
  • Arm-type tool changer
  • ATC magazine can hold up to 24 tools, with bidirectional, random access. Maximum 3″ tool diameter.

10,000 rpm (12,000 Optional)

The spindle is directly coupled to the motor using a patented tapered lock nut mechanism. The design affords zero play connection ensuring highest transmission efficiency and minimal vibration. The spindle utilizes high precision bearings, featuring outstanding axial and radial thrust capabilities. Both the face and taper of tool holder maintains surface contact with the spindle improving cutting stability.

Improved Counter-Weight System

Instead of having Z-axis counter-weight clanking up and down on a chain, we use a bidirectional ballscrew to drive both headstock and its counter-weight in opposing directions, resulting in a mechanically efficient, self-balancing system that allows responsive acceleration and quicker changes in direction.

Cam-Driven Pallet Changer

Auto pallet changer allows operator to setup a part while another part is being machined. Spindle idle time is greatly reduced. The pallet changer utilizes heavy duty cam-driven design that features high speed and high load capacity: a pallet change takes only 5 seconds and each side of the pallet table can hold up to 770 lbs.

A 3-piece clutch gear clamping mechanism allows table unclamp, rotate and clamp all without raising table elevation. Table positioning accuracy and stability are both greatly improved.

Specifications at a Glance


Spindle diameter Ø2.3”
X Axis Travel 31.5” (800mm)
Y Axis Travel 15.8” (400mm)
Z Axis Travel 17.7” (450mm)
Tool storage capacity 24 max
Spindle Motor 7.3/10 HP (15 HP Optional)
Spindle Speed 10 ~ 10,000 rpm (std.), 2 ~ 12,000 rpm (opt)

Cutting Capacity

Material Drilling Tapping Face Milling
ADC aluminum alloy Ø1 1/16" at 0.012 ipr 1" at 12 TPI 53Occ=Ø63 x 5 x 2,000
GC30 gray iron Ø1 1/16" at 0.008 ipr 3/4" at 12 TPI 22Scc=Ø5O x 25 x 1,800
S45C Steel Ø1 1/16" at 0.005 ipr 3/4" at 12 TPI 188cc=Ø5O x 2.5 x 1,500