Long Travels

PLG-42L, PLG-42XL, PLG-52 and PLG-60 have extra long 12.6″ X-axis travel which allows more tools to be placed on the gang tool table. Additionally, PLG-42XL, PLG-52 and PLG-60 have 22.05″ of Z-axis travel to accommodate longer parts.



The PLG-series lathes are built to exacting quality standard. They should hold positional accuracy of 0.0001″.


Chuck Sizes

PLG-42, PLG-42L and PLG-42XL use A2-5 spindle nose which accepts 6″ hydraulic chuck. While PLG-52 and PLG-60 both use A2-6 spindle nose, PLG-52 uses 8″ chuck and PLG-60 uses 10″ chuck due to the difference in motor rating.


Gang Tooling with Optional Turret

PLG series CNC lathes can be factory built with either gang tool table alone or with a combination of gang tool table and a turret. The turret is hydraulically driven and allows 8 more tools to be used on the same machine.


Bar Capacity

1.65″ (42mm), 2.05″ (52mm), 3″ (75mm) in bar capacity


Parts Catcher

To reduce operator part handling, PLG series lathes can be ordered with parts catcher. The parts catcher accepts parts that have been parted off at the spindle and loads them onto a parts conveyor. The conveyor moves finished parts to the exterior of the machine.


PLG 42XL Gang Tool Lathe w/ 6

PLG-42XL Cutting Steel with Coolant

PLG machine series


The standard PLG-42 has 6″ turning diameter and 9.05″ X and 11.81″ Z travels. Its A2-5 spindle can utilize 6″ chuck and has a bar capacity of 42mm (1.65″). The spindle is powered by a 7.5HP motor.


PLG-42XL is the “Extra Long” model of PLG-42. It has the same spindle and headstock as PLG-42, but X and Z travels are lengthened to 12.6″ and 22.05″ respectively.


The PLG-52 has 12″ turning diameter and 12.6″ X and 22.05″ Z travels. Its A2-6 spindle can utilize 8″chuck and has a bar capacity of 52mm (2.05″). The spindle is powered by a 10HP motor.


PLG-60 has large spindle capacity which accepts up to 75mm (3″) bar diameter. The spindle is powered by a 15HP motor. X and Z travels are 12.6″ and 22.05″ respectively


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