Longer travel, more powerful motor and FANUC control.

Still a compact size gang tool lathe but now has a slant-bed design and longer gang tool table. Control has been upgraded to FANUC 0i-mate

GT mini PLUS only features


5HP Spindle Motor

New spindle motor is 66% more powerful than GT mini.


Increased X-Axis Travel

GT mini plus features a slant bed design that results in 2.7 extra inches of X-axis travel without increase in foot print. More tools can be placed on the gang-tool table than ever to ease job setups.


Full Featured Operation

The operation panel has been revamped to include convenient features such as a MPG handwheel and dry run button. The buttons and switches have also been grouped for ergonomic usage through all modes of operation


Features shared with GT mini

Minimum Footprint

shared-01-3004c45dGT mini plus allows you to use shop floor space efficiently, its foot print measures only 50” x 42”. The compact size becomes a great advantage when you need to organize machines to into production cells.

Maximum Performance

  • High speed 6,000 rpm spindle
  • Rigid MEEHANITE casting base
  • 712 inch per minute rapid traverse

Platform for High Production


Gang-type tooling on the GT mini plus offers increased accuracy and speed over turret- based designs. Unlike a turret, the tools stay fixed on the gang tool plate, not only can they achieve better positioning accuracy, and there’s also no time lost to turret indexing. Gang tool layout is proven to reduce cycle times while maintaining rigidity and superior surface finish. GT mini plus comes with a standard tooling package at no extra cost.

Part Handing Automation


A variety of bar feeders are available directly from Cubic, the GT mini plus even comes with interface for DH-65 barfeeder pre-wired. For 2nd operation work, an optional automatic rear part loader can be ordered from Cubic. GT mini plus to move finished parts outside the machine. A generous complement of M-codes are provided for calling these automation features from within part programs.

Complete Package


These features and more are included in the standard configuration at no extra charge:

  • 5C collet nose
  • Parts catcher
  • Hydraulic chucking system
  • Coolant system

Micro-computer controlled lubrication unit Standard package of tool holders Foot switch for chuck activation

Extensive Workholding

5C collets are most commonly used on GT mini plus. 5C collets are widely available and are designed for close tolerance holding of round, square and hex bar stocks in inch or metric sizes (up to 1.02” bar capacity). However, GT mini plus can also make use of these other workholding options:

workholding-1-22c186f0 (1)

“Dead-length” 5C collet
for zero part movement in Z axis

workholding-2-c406aef2 (1)

5C step chuck
for gripping larger parts while using the same 5C drawbar

workholding-3-be4ca4d2 (1)

4” hydraulic 3-jaw chuck
the traditional workholding choice on lathes

Heavy Machine Base + FANUC Precision = Real Machining Power


GT mini plus outperforms many machines in the same class by virtue of its mechanical advantages. The gray cast iron base affords superior vibration dampening, allowing faster, deeper cuts to be taken while maintaining maximum accuracy and longer tool life. The machine’s computer optimized design ensures overall rigidity and stability under high acceleration rates while keeping thermal expansion tightly in check. The P4-class precision ground ballscrews on X and Z axes are driven by FANUC AC digital servos, delivering a part making capability that is unparalleled in this price range. GT mini plus features FANUC 0i-Mate CNC, which is the gold standard in terms of reliability. The widespread adoption of FANUC systems on so many shop floors means shortened training and programming time. Being the leader does not mean improvement is stopped: the control now offers PC-card slot next to the LCD display for convenient program transfers.

Part Loader

As shown in picture part-to-part loading time is 3 seconds. Ask us about customized loader designed to fit your needs.

gtminiplus-partloader-da81d3c1 (1)

GT mini PLUS Video