Large Table Size


Table size ranges from 2.2m x 1.65m (7.2 x 5.4 ft) up to 6m x 2.45m (19.6 x 8 ft)

Machine Structure




Wide Span Ladder-Type Cross Beam at Y-Axis

The two LM guide ways on the Y-axis cross beam span wider than competing designs. The wide stance and staggered ladder-like configuration of the guide ways helps the structure resist tilting forces, ensuring the spindle nose remains perfectly stable even during heavy cutting.


Heavy Duty LM Guide Ways

Both X and Y-axis are equipped with high precision heavy duty LM guide ways. This setup makes for better movement resolution and efficient precision control during machining of mid to large work pieces.


Box Way Structure on the Z axis

Z-axis is built with vibration dampening cast iron in a box way construction. Meticulously designed to reduce internal stress and buttressed with internal ribbing supports, the engineers of the KMV series turn premium grade iron castings into the optimal structure for machining heavy loads.


High Rigidity Spindle Nose

The spindle nose stands a mere 267mm (10”) away from the Z-axis slide way because shorter overhang results in higher rigidity for the spindle.


Z-Axis Nitrogen-Filled Counter-Balance

The headstock is balanced with two nitrogen-filled gas shocks and a reservoir cylinder in a closed system. The gas shocks respond quickly and smoothly throughout their stroke. In the event of a sudden power loss, the counter-balance ensures the headstock would remain stationary so cutting tool and workpiece are not damaged.


ZF Dual-Speed Gear Box

The spindle utilizes a German-built ZF gearbox. The gearbox is fully sealed, and the gears are immersed in lubricant, which is kept cool even at 10,000 rpm by an circulating oil chiller. The ZF gearbox is prized for its high efficiency and characteristics of high torque, low noise and long service life.


High Rigidity Castings

The machine base, columns, cross beam, work table, slide ways, headstock and all other cast parts are made of uniformly dense, fine grained, premium-grade cast iron. All components are subject to annealing to relieve any internal stress and prevent deformation. This provides uniform rigidity throughout the machine with excellent resistance against warping and torsional stress.


Ergonomic Controls

The control panel can be positioned to suit the operator, providing the best viewpoint during various stages of machining, which makes it easy to make the necessary adjustments and guarantees exact results.

High Precision Spindle Unit


The spindle is supported by 4 super precision angular contact ball bearings for high axial thrust load. A spindle oil chiller is standard equipment. The oil chiller helps maintain spindle at a low temperature ensuring the spindle’s long term precision. The spindle is ideal for heavy cutting and deep cavity machining of molds and dies. Short nose spindle is standard equipment. Long nose spindle is available as an option.

Axle Transmission Unit


Oil Chilled Hollow Core

All 3 axes use pre-loaded super precision hollow core ballscrews integrated with a pressurized flow-through coolant system for consistent cooling. The axis cooling system minimizes thermal expansion and ensures repeatability.


Direct Coupling Transmission

Manual 90° milling head and automatic 90° milling head are optional.

Tool Magazine


Fast Tool Changers

The arm-type ATC is one of the fastest in its class. Tool change time is 2.5 second (40-taper).

Precision Assured


To guarantee dimensional trueness between all axes and positioning accuracy, every machine undergoes laser inspection and alignment. Each machine comes with its own certificate of laser inspection. Positioning accuracy JIS 6338: ±0.005 over 300mm.


RENISHAW ball bar inspection is performed on all machines to strict quality standards. Roundness: JIS 6338: 0.04mm VDI 3441: 0.04mm Solidarity measures within ±0.02 / ø300mm diameter

Cutting Tool Size Diagram



Chip Removal System

Dual screw-type chip conveyor and chain-type chip conveyers eliminate chips efficiently.

Example Processing


Spindle Motor Horsepower & Torque Chart


Standard Accessories

  • Z.F. dual-speed gear box
  • Oil chiller for axes and spindle
  • Air blower
  • Fully enclosed splash guard
  • Heat exchanger for electrical cabinet
  • MPG handwheel pendant
  • RS-232 interface
  • Rigid tapping
  • Halogen worklight
  • Status light
  • Coolant system
  • Transformer
  • Dual screw-type chip conveyer + chain-type chip conveyer
  • Tools and tool box
  • Adjustable machine leveling pads
  • Operation and electrical manuals

Option Accessories

  • 50-taper 6000 rpm spindle
  • 40-taper 8000, 12000 or 15000 rpm spindle
  • CTS (coolant through spindle) 6 bar or 20 bar pressure
  • 24 or 32-tool magazine with arm-type ATC
  • Universal milling head
  • 90 degree milling head
  • Extended head 300mm (11.8”)
  • Linear feedback scales
  • Riser block 200 or 400mm (7.87” or 15.7”)
  • Telescopic cover on top