You Ji YB-Series Large Spindle Bore CNC Lathes

Flat bed horizontal turning lathe



  • High rigidity Meehanite cast iron
  • High powered spindle motor
  • 3-step gear box with low speed & high torque
  • Large capacity spindle bore
  • X-axis and Z-axis driven directly by servo motor
  • Auto lubrication unit to extend the machine’s life
  • Choice of turret: HV, HL, HLC, and YC
  • FANUC Oi-TD CNC with proven the reliability and accuracy
  • Ergonomic design and easy to use operation panel
  • High volume flush coolant pumps
  • Coolant tank of the machine allows easy access for maintenance
  • Full enclosure guarding design for water-proof & dust-proof in accordance with CE regulations
  • A full strict quality control and test-cut.

Turn-Mill function (with C-axis and power turret)



  • General turning operations
  • Wind Mill industry ( main shafts )
  • Oil & mining industries ( oil pipes )
  • Aerospace industry (landing gears)
  • Rolling Mill industry (rollers )
  • Marine repair industry, mold industry,
  • paper industry, and long shafts

CF-axis System


The servo motor combined with the brake system provides positioning accuracy, incorporating the power turret to allow for a wide range of work to be carried out.

Turn-Mill Function


Headstock and Spindle

Minimum Footprint
  • The solid box construction casting provides excellent rigidity for heavy cutting.
  • Spindle is fitted with double roller bearings and angular contact ball bearings to maintain excellent stability during the high speed.
  • Gear shift of spindle is controlled by M CODE automatically.
  • High grade nickel-chrome alloy steel gears in the headstock are hardened and precision ground.
  • Auto lubrication unit is fitted to headstock gears and spindle to maintain high accuracy and long machine life.


Minimum Footprint

(4-jaw manual chuck)

  • Modular design: 4-jaw manual chuck & 3-jaw hydraulic chuck are available.
  • 2nd chuck can be mounted on the rear side of spindle and achieves the best clamping support when the parts through spindle is machining.

Machine Base

Minimum Footprint

The box type design is used on the machine base which is made of Meehanite one piece cast iron and heat treated with a stress releasing process to keep the stable precision.

Cross Slide

  • Cross slide is made of Meehanite cast iron to provide stability and precision.
  • Large size work-piece can be supported by 3 wide span box guide ways and increase radial turning range.
  • Surface of box guide ways are heat treated and precisely ground incorporating laser calibration to ensure linear precision.
  • Each axes has Turcite B coated to reduce the friction factors and enhances feed rate capability.
  • Z-axis cross slide is driven by twin drive simultaneously to provide the maximum thrust.

Hydraulic Tailstock

Minimum Footprint
  • The solid box construction tailstock.
  • The quill is heat treated and precisely ground.
  • Taper roller bearings are used on the rotary quill providing the excellent support and stability.
  • Quill movement is controlled by program and adjusted by hydraulic valve to maintain the best part support.

Deep Boring Bar Holder

  • Can be mounted on X-axis cross slide and boring diameter & depth can be controlled by program.
  • It is designed for boring bar and boring bar holder in accordance with customer’s requirement.
  • Boring bar bushed can selected depending on the production requirements, various size can be supplied.

Steady Reset

  • Hydraulic and manual steady rests are available.
  • To get the best support and rigidity when machining the longer type of work-piece.

Electrical Cabinet

  • The control circuit in the electrical cabinet consists of high quality electronic components with auto power off system, and provides the best stability of control performance.
  • The electrical cabinet is fitted with an air conditioner to maintain the temperature, and extends the life of electronic components.


  • It is controlled by automatic central feeding device, and it can be set in accordance with volume and timing.
  • The alarm message can be displayed due to oil leakage in order to avoid any machine damage.

Chip Conveyor

  • Standard accessory is steel belt type chip conveyor.
  • Effective chip disposal is used with 2 chip conveyors on the front and rear side of the machines.

Machine Guarding Design

  • Full enclosure guarding prevents the chips & coolant fly out and protects the operators safety. A large movable door allows easy access for loading & unloading.
  • There is the maintenance door on the rear side of the machine.

Turret System (Hydraulic Turret)


Live Tool System (BMT Power Turret)


Capto Tooling System


Hydraulic Turret


BMT Power Turret


Machining Range



H8 Hydraulic Turret

The turret is driven by a hydraulic motor for fast positioning, allowing the shortest route tool selection, so reduces the tool changing time.


V4 Hydraulic Turret

The turret provides the fast tool change and is suitable for heavy duty cutting & a bore turning.



Fanuc Controller



Torque Diamram



Machine Specifications


Choice of Spindle and Chuck


Standard Accessories and Optional Accessories


Machine Decscription


Turret Specification (option)